AW109 TREKKER 2019

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Detalhes da aeronave
  • Categoria:
  • Fabricante: AGUSTA WESTLAND
  • Ano de fabricação: 2019
  • Assentos: 08
  • Horas totais de célula: 80
  • Aceita permuta: Não
  • Aeronave: Disponível

Descrição da aeronave

Helicóptero AW109 Trekker 2019 à venda


Aluminium alloy and bonded panel fuselage   Semi-monocoque aluminium alloy tail boom

New reinforced skid type landing gear

Two hinged jettisonable crew doors (LH and RH)

Two sliding passenger doors (LH and RH), 1.40m opening, with jettisonable windows

Acrylic transparent windshield and side windows

Acrylic transparent overhead windows

Quick removable tail rotor drive shaft cover

Separate baggage compartment with hinged door

Removable fairing and cowlings, for complete acessibility to the controls and drive components

Quick opening hinged inspection doors, to allow visual check of engine oil levels and maintenance inspection points

Grouding points

Jacking and hoisting points


Rotors and Controls

Titanium main rotor hub, corrosion protected, fully articulated with four composite grips, four elastomeric bearings, four individually interchangeable composite material blades, swept tips, and dampers

Steel tail rotor hub, corrosion protected, semi-rigid delta hinged type, with two composite material  blades, individually interchangeable

Cyclic and collective controls powered by two hydraulic systems

Hydraulically powered anti-torque system

Adjustable friction devices on cyclic and collective system

Force trim and artificial feel system

Adjustable directional control pedals

Flapping and droop restraint mechanism


Power Plant and Fuel System

Two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW207C turbo-shaft engines

Two independent electronic control systems (FADEC) with normal emergency and training operation modes and auto-start

Engine mounted fuel pump and filter assembly (2)

Engine mounted oil pump and filter assembly (2)

Engine mounted fuel control and governor (2)

Lubrification and cooling system

Engine oil chip detectors (2)

Engine control panel

Two independent fuel systems with cross-feeding valve and control panel

3 cell crash-resistant fuel system (575 l – 152 USgal)

Submerged fuel boost pumps (2)

Airframe mounted easy access fuel filter

RH refuelling point

Ground fuel drains


Transmission Drive System and Hydraulic System

960 shp for takeoff and 900 shp continuous operation mains transmission

Three-stage transmission

Free wheeling units (2)

Dual independent, redundant hydraulic systems

Transmission mounted hydraulic pumps (2) with separate reservoir

Internal dry sump transmission lubrication with pressure and scavenge pump and oil filter

Transmission oil chip detectors (2)

Single stage, bevel gear T/R 90º gear box including oil level sight glass and chip detector

Transmission cooling and lubrication system

Transmission shafts

Electrical System

24 V DC Ah nickel-cadmium battery with temperature probe

200 A self-cooled starter generators (2)

Voltage regulators (2)

Battery relay

Interconnecting bus relays (2)

External power relay

Distribution buses (1 battery, 2 essential, 2 emergency, 2 main, 2 auxiliary)

External power receptacle

Position lights (NVG friendly – green, red, white)

Taxing lights (1RH) and landing lights (1 LH)

Anti collision lights (2) (NVG friendly)

Cocpit utility lights (2)

Instrument lights with dimming switch

Radio master switch with ground function


Single Pilot VFR Avionic Package

Two 6’’ x 8’’ display units providing a Primary Flight Display (PFD) and a Multifunction Display (MFD) and integrating:

  • Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
  • Highway In The Sky (HITS)
  • Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS)
  • Flight Management System (FMS)
  • Radio Tuning Controls

Dual Data Acquisition Unit (DAU)

Dual Air Data Computer and Attitude Heading Reference System (ADAHRS)



Standard colour scheme from Company paint selection, solid colour


Premium Equipment

Crash-resistant co-pilot seat, fore and aft adjustable, with lap belts and headrest

Shoulder harness with inertial reels (co-pilot)

AC power supply supply system (2 inverters)

AFCS 3-axis duplex SP-711 Honeywell

Radar altimeter

Doors key lock

Airframe hourmeter

Baggage compartment lights

Crew open door actuators

Engine compartment fire extinguishers (Qty 2)

Fuel cap whith key-lock

Pulsed chip detectors (in lieu of quick disconnecting chip detectors)

450 W Retractable/ rotating landing light (nose mounted)


Miscellaneous/ Ground Equipment

Air intake/ exhaust covers

Ground tools kit (including tow bar, ground wheels, lifting tool)

Pilot tubes covers

Rotorcraft Flight Manual (RFM) and technical publications

Tie-down fittings (main rotor retention straps)


Customer Required Configuration

Interior Equipment – Cabin

  • Utility Interior (Rigid liners)
  • Passenger cabin
  • All seats crash – resistant covered with leatherette
  • 3 fwd facing seats (aft bench) with seating modules individually removable
  • 3 aft facing seats (central bench) with seating modules individually removable
  • 4-point shoulder harness with inertial reels and safety belts for all seats
  • Liners
  • Intercommunication system for passengers
  • Cabin loudspeakers (Qty 2)
  • Reading lights, emergency lights
  • Upper and lower air vents
  • Headset H10-13H David Clark (Qty 6)
  • Cockpit equipment
  • Standard cockpit interior
  • Soundproofing

Avionics Equipment

Dual Pilot IFR package (in addition to Single Pilot VFR STD configuration)

Dual Controls

Co-Pilot large colour Primary Flight Display (PFD) – Genesys, embeldding:

  • Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
  • Highway In The Sky (HITS)
  • Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS)
  • Flight Management System (FMS)
  • Rdio tuning controls

2 nd VHF/AM

2 nd VOR/ILS

2 nd GPS


Marker beacon

Electronic Standby Indicator

Co-Pilot Intercommunication System (ICS)

Dual Master warning lights

Dual Master caution lights

2 nd Magnetic Compass indicator

Digital clock

Flight Director


Utility Equipment

Air conditioning

213 USgal crash-resistant fuel system (in lieu of 152 USgal)

Baggage compartment extension (2.3m)

Rotor brake

Utility power socket 12 VDC up to 8 Ah

Utility pocket behind pilot and co-pilot seats

(*) Not compatible with Pilot and co-pilot multipurpose holder

Cargo hook (1400 Kg) – provision

(*) Requires either the rear view mirror or the cargo hook camera


Removable Equipment

Set of six VIP pax seat cushions


The above aircraft is third party and as such subject to prior sale and / or price change. Data provided by owner, subject to verification.

A aeronave acima é de terceiro e como tal sujeita à venda prévia e/ ou alteração de preço. Dados fornecidos pelo proprietário, sujeitos à verificação.


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