DAHER SOCATA TBM 940 | Ano 2021

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Detalhes da aeronave
  • Categoria:
  • Fabricante: DAHER SOCATA
  • Ano de fabricação: 2021
  • Assentos: 6 (1+5)
  • Horas totais de célula: 25
  • Aceita permuta: Não
  • Aeronave: Vendida
  • ADS-B
  • GARMIN G3000

Descrição da aeronave

DAHER TBM 940 | Ano 2021


*Ex works

Valor de venda + impostos para nacionalização.


Daher’s TBM 940 offers the ultimate developments in avionics and comfort for a general aviation airplane.
Wherever it flies, Daher’s TBM 940 gets there faster, with speeds of 330 kts.

The Model Year 2021 TBM 940 is equipped with HomeSafe™, an emergency autoland system that can guide the aircraft to a landing in the event of pilot incapacitation. Based on Garmin’s Autoland system – and available as a part of the G3000 integrated flight deck – HomeSafe™ integrates weather, traffic and terrain information to select the optimum airport for landing, considering such conditions as fuel range, flight distance and runway length.

The main feature of the TBM 940 is an automated throttle – the first ever installed on a production turboprop aircraft in the TBM weight category.
The autothrottle integrated system automates the engine power control and monitoring. Fully integrated with the autopilot and linked to a smart engine gauge on the Garmin G3000 integrated flight deck, this single power lever can be used from climb-out to landing approach.


  • Total Time 25
  • Metal structure and skin paneling
  • Carbon fiber engine cowling and winglets
  • Anti-corrosion protection treatment
  • Retractable gear with electrohydraulic actuation
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Pressurized 6 seats cabin (6.2 psi) and baggage compartment
  • Sound proofing and thermal insulation
  • Pilot Access Door
  • Large access door with retractable stairway
  • Emergency exit
  • Front storage compartment (not pressurized) with lockable access door
  • Easy maintenance access doors
  • Wing Tie-down attachments
  • Jacking points
  • Gaseous oxygen system for 6 seats and quick donning masks
    with smart microphone for pilot & copilot
  • 2021 standard paint scheme


  • Engine 1 Make/Model PRATT & WHITNEY PT6A-66D
  • Engine 1 Time 25 SNEW
  • Engine 1 TBO 3,500
  • PT6A-66D Pratt & Whitney Canada turboprop engine developing 1825 SHP thermodynamic, flat rated at 850 SHP, propeller with overspeed limiter, full feathering and reverse
  • Oil cooler
  • Anti-icing air inlet with inertial separator without operational limitation
  • Dual polished exhaust system aerodynamically optimized
  • Service access doors in cowlings
  • Dual engine chip metal detector with indication on flight display
  • Flight Data Acquisition Storage and Transmission System (FAST)


  • Prop 1 Manufacturer HARTZELL
  • Number of Blades 5
  • Prop Notes
  • The TBM 940’s five-blade composite propeller has been designed by Hartzell Propeller specifically to improve the aircraft’s takeoff distance, climb and cruise speed.
    The TBM 940 is also a quiet operator wherever it flies, its sound level during takeoff is just 76.4 decibels thereby meeting the latest international noise standards.


  • Flight Deck Manufacturer/Model
  • GARMIN G3000
  • ADS-B Equipped
  • WAAS
  • SVT


  • Avionic : G3000
  • Nav/Com/ILS/WAAS GPS : 2 GIA 64W
  • Engine and airfame interface unit : 2 GEA 71 B
  • Attitude and Heading Reference System : 2 GRS 79
  • Triaxial magnetometer : 2 GMU 44
  • Digital air-data computers : 2 GDC 72 B
  • Transponder : 2 GTX 345 Mode S ES “ADS-B In & Out”
  • Tactile Controllers : 2 GTC 580
  • Autopilot & Autothrottle : 1 GMC 711 AT
  • Torque flight servos : 4 GSA 81
  • Servo actuator for Autothrottle : GSA 87
  • E-Copilot:
  • HomeSafe : Autoland Garmin System
  • Electronic Stability Protection (ESP)
  • Under speed Protection (USP) + Stick Shaker
  • Angle of Attack deiced sensor
  • Surface Watch® for airport environment awareness
  • Auto-Ice protection system with ice detection sensor
  • Level button to roll level and hold altitude
  • Emergency Descent Mode
  • Bluetooth & Wifi : Flightstream FS510
  • Airframe de-icing control panel
  • Inertial separator control
  • Landing gear control panel
  • Voice Alert System
  • Electric generation controls and monitoring
  • Dedicated master warning and caution
  • Cabin temperature control
  • Heated stall warning system
  • Digital chronometer
  • Digital Flight time hour meter
  • Flight Data Recorder


  • Pilot Door
  • Data Package : RVSM
  • Satelite Radio & Weather : GDL69A XM
  • Satphone : GSR56 Iridium
  • TAS : GTS 820
  • Weather Radar : GWX 75
  • DME : KN 63
  • Radar Altimeter : GRA 55
  • TAWS : Class B TAWS Worldwide Database
  • Stormscope : WX 500
  • Synthetic vision technology
  • Chart view option


  • 2 Bose Headsets
  • RA 3502 ADF
  • KHF 1050 HF
  • Fire detection system


  • Year Painted 2021
  • Exterior Notes 2021 paint scheme


  • Pearlescent paint
  • Personalized sign / logo on rudder (vinyl sticker or paint available)
  • Custom 4-color stripe paint scheme
  • Fully customized paint scheme


  • Year Interior 2021
  • Number of Seats 6
  • Interior Notes 2021 interior
  • Six genuine leather seats in replacement for fabric
    Harmony Package with Genuine leather upper side panels
    Flat black, brushed stainless (gray) or gold finish for individual air
    vents and reading light
  • One lower storage cabinet (left or right)
  • Pilot and Copilot Airbag seatbelts
  • Deluxe wood or carbon fiber trim package: center upper panel,
    table cover


  • Privacy compartment including chemical toilet and electric self deploying door (62,2 Kg – 137 lb)
  • Extended Large Storage cabinet – Left side, valid with 5 seat configuration (replace) left middle seat
  • One top storage cabinet (left or right)
  • One pilot case support (right side or left side)
  • Do-it-yourself, fully custom Interior: choose from 40 leather colors for seats / side panel, choice ofr trim, carpet, &and seat blet finished (additional lead time of up to 10 weeks)



  • 2021 TBM Care Program (TCP): up to the Aircraft fifth
    (5th) Annual Inspection or up to 1,000 flight hours total time,
    whichever comes first, assigned to the original first retail
    customer, and CAMP computerized maintenance follow-up
  • Avionics System Warranty extension to 5 years for the
    following components only: all Garmin equipment, L3 Com
    Stormscope WX500, Radar, Altimeter and DME
  • System Warranty extension to 5 years or 1,000 hours
    for selected components. New Hartzell propeller Warranty
    extension to 6 years or 4,000 hours

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