PIPER JETPROP DL PA-46 | Ano 1986 / 2008

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Detalhes da aeronave
  • Categoria:
  • Fabricante: PIPER AIRCRAFT
  • Ano de fabricação: 1986
  • Assentos: 6 (1+5)
  • Horas totais de célula: 5.350
  • Horas totais do(s) motor(es): 2600
  • Aceita permuta: Não
  • Aeronave: Disponível
  • TCAS

Descrição da aeronave

PIPER JETPROP DL PA-46 | Ano 1986 / 2008


*Ex works

Valor de venda + impostos para nacionalização.

Conversão para Jetprop DL em 2008.

Célula Mirage 1986.

04/2008 conversion, hydraulic gear/electrip flaps, EFD1000/IFD540/IFD440, located in Europe, private owned, paint 2012, interior 2019, -21 engine 830h SHSI 08/2015, 4 blade MT overhauled 03/2018

5350h AFTT | 2600h PT6A-21 and 820h SHSI| 2600h 4 blade MT propeller and 245h SOH | Conversion 219 converted 04/2008

One P&WC PT6A-21 with 550shp and 2600h SNEW in 04/2008 and 820h SHSI in 08/2015. HSI performed due to over torque in flight report available.

Four blade MTV-16-1-E-C—F-R(P)CFR206-58a propeller installed with 2600h SNEW in 04/2008 and 245h SOH in 03/2018.

Paint from 01/2012 re-painted on behalf of Konprecht in Matterhorn White and Sunfast Red with Oracal Gold and Grafith decal stripes in great good condition.

Interior from 2019 in crème white leather in outstanding condition. Sidewalls in navy blue and light beige Alcantara and light beige Alcantara ceiling.

Spacious cabin |4 PAX seats | Club seating configuration | Reading lights | Seat recline | Intercom for every seat
Inspection Status

Engine: (PRATT & WHITNEY PT6A-21)
  • 2600 SNEW
  • 820 SHSI
  • 980 Available
  • 3.600 TBO

Props (MTV-16-1-E)

  • Four blade MTV-16-1-E-C—F-R(P)CFR206-58a propeller installed with 2600h SNEW in 04/2008 and 245h SOH in 03/2018.

  • Autopilot: King KFC 150 with yaw damper and King KAS 297B altitude pre-selector
  • PFD/MFD: Aspen EFD 1000 Pro
  • 2 x COM/NAV/GPS: Avidyne IFD 540 displaying Jeppesen Charts, Traffic and SVT and Avidyne IFD
  • 440 displaying SVT
  • Avidyne IFD 100 for Bluetooth FPL transfer from iPad to IFD 540 and IFD 440
  • Traffic advisory: Avidyne TAS 610
  • Weather radar: Weatherscout DI-1007 (In wing weather radar)
  • Stormscope: BF Goodrich WX1000
  • Radar Altimeter: King KRA-10A
  • DME: King KN 63
  • ADF: King KR 87
  • Audio: Garmin GMA 340
  • Crosspointer: Garmin GI-106A
  • ELT: ACK Technologies Inc. ACK E-04 406mHz
  • Transponder: Garmin GTX 330 Mode S

Additional Equipment:

  • Co-Pilots Panel including HSI
  • self-powered artificial horizon
  • Golze ADL 140
  • Air conditioning
  • LEMO plugin for Crew
  • Over Torque Light equipped
  • Emergency Oxygen bottle for Crew
  • Glareshield Fan
  • Electric Rear Heater
  • SoundEx equipped
  • Engine Trend Monitoring equipped

Ownership Status:

The present owner is the 7th owner in total, a German individual, EU VAT paid. The aircraft was sold NEW to its 1st owner in 07/1986 in Denmark and physically exported from the United States and “OY” registered. In 02/1994, the aircraft was sold from Denmark to its 2nd owner in the United States and “N” registered. In 10/1994 the aircraft was then again sold to Europe to its 3rd owner and physically exported to Germany and remained “N” registered and then became “D” registered in 12/1996. The 3rd owner sold the aircraft in 09/2000 to its 4th owner in Austria. The 4th owner sold the aircraft to its 5th owner in 01/2008 at the same airport, flew the aircraft “D” registered to Jetprop for its conversion. During the conversion, the 5th owner registered the aircraft “N” with its today’s registration. The 4th owner continued flying for the 5th owner as one of his pilots. The 5th owner sold the aircraft in 05/2017 to Lithuania to its 6th owner and in 11/2019, this Jetprop has been sold to Germany to its current 7th owner. Aircraft experienced a hard landing in 06/2005, affected components had been inspected/repaired/replaced. In 10/2000 whilst the aircraft was parked in the hangar, a truck whilst reversing damaged the LH wing, affected components had been inspected/repaired/replaced. In 04/1998 due to heavy engine vibrations, the pilot decided to do an off-field landing and landed the aircraft safely on a field. Nonetheless the perfect landing, due to continuous rainfalls the previous 14 days, the NLG suffered minor damage, however did not collapse! The aircraft had been properly disassembled and transported to an experienced PA46 maintenance facility and repaired accordingly, affected components had been inspected/repaired/replaced. Work Reports of all incidents are available upon request. The aircraft is owner flown and always hangared. All logbooks available SNEW and maintained on behalf of experienced PA46 maintenance facility.

Information about Piper Jetprop DL(X):

Higher, faster, further and more efficient, the Jetprop DL(X) is definitely the right investment to travel in a pressurized cabin in high altitudes achieving satisfying cruising speeds and being able to achieve great take-off and landing performance. Operating and maintenance costs are significantly lower compared to bigger multi engine piston planes or other similar turbo props and operating in a much safer environment in icing conditions with an existing FIKI certification. Easy and cost effective to maintain, great to fly for business and leisure!

Performance Parameters and W&B Status:

Cruises FL250 | 248KTAS | using 32GAL/h | Initial climb rate 1500fpm | FL250 in 20 minutes

MRW 1958kg/4318bs
MTOW 1950kg/4300Ibs
EW 1374kg/3029Ibs
MUL 584kg/1288Ibs
MUF 570l/151GAL
PFF 129kg/285Ibs

Inspection Status:

  • 04/2011 performed 240M airframe hoses replacement
  • 08/2015 performed HSI on behalf of Standard Aero
  • 08/2015 performed 1500h oil filter element inspection
  • 08/2015 performed 1000h P3 Filter inspection
  • 04/2016 performed 1000h starter generator overhaul
  • 04/2017 performed 1000h flap tracks, flap rollers and aileron hinges bolt inspection
  • 04/2017 performed 500h alternator and brushes inspection
  • 04/2017 performed 500h cabin pressurization test
  • 12/2017 performed 500h suction pump and suction pump drive inspection
  • 12/2017 performed 1000h fuel filter element inspection
  • 03/2018 performed 72M/3600h propeller overhaul on behalf of MT Propeller GmbH
  • 08/2018 performed 400h fuel nozzle spray test
  • 06/2019 performed 60M portable oxygen replacement
  • 01/2020 performed 60M tail cone corrosion inspection
  • 01/2020 performed 500h starter generator spline check and brushes replacement
  • 01/2020 performed AC compressor, RG-46 battery, spinner replacement and Glareshield Fan installation
  • 01/2020 performed 24M/500h fuel tank inspection
  • 01/2020 performed MLG LH and RH brake discs and linings replacement and NLG fork replaced
  • 02/2021 performed aircraft weighing and replaced MLG tires
  • 02/2021 performed FAA annual/100h inspection
  • All mandatory AD complied with

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